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What is the SECRET behind SUCCESS of Digital / Online Marketing Experts ?

Facing stiff competition from the fierce world of Digital Marketing ! Well, if you really intend to succeed in the wild universe of Online Marketing, you have to arm yourself with the most privileged and advanced Marketing Tools to succeed.

Let's be honest, the life of an Online Marketer is very hard indeed.

There is such a great amount of work to be done to succeed in your Digital Marketing efforts.

You must come up with unique Content ideas. Then work on that Content Idea and create a unique and engaging Content and mind it, this is just the beginning, the first step to Digital Marketing / Online Marketing that is, before you've even pondered the SEO side of it.

Social Media Marketing, well you just cannot ignore it !

You all must have already built a strong Social Media Network, now the only thing required is to formulate a system to offer your products, services, etc. and still find time to live your life and enjoy it.

Friends, all you Online / Digital Marketers, here I will be spreading out the Best Digital Marketing Tools that will not only help you to increase your Sales / Revenues, but also help you save time for yourself to live and enjoy your life.

These Digital / Online Marketing Tools will definitely help you to produce Better and Engaging Content, Higher Rankings, Increased Productivity and subsequently Increased Sales and Increased Income. These are in fact the Marketing Tools that have helped me to get awesome results.

So, all you Digital / Online Marketers, in case you're prepared to step up your Online Marketing, Sales and Income - Let's just give your Digital Marketing a Jump-Start.
Collection of Online / Digital Marketing TOOLS
Fresh Web Explorer

Fresh Web Explorer gives a high quality, easy-to-read, comprehensive alerts about who’s linking to the sites or mentioning the Brand / People / Product names. Fresh Web Explorer uses the power of the Moz Freshscape Index.

Fresh Web Explorer is very similar to Google Alerts. Fresh Web Explorer is one of the best Tools to Research and Compare Mentions and Links, much better then Google Alerts.

Google+ is awesome for digital marketers, one of the best to leverage content into Google and eventually worldwide by building a circle of just 100 people. Google+ is one of the best place to discover amazing things and connect with passionate people with common interests and goals.

Their engagement sends signals to  Google that your content should be seen by more people and that you and your content are authoritative.

Grepwords combines a monstrous, new keywords database with instinctive tools and the industry leading lookup and related APIs to present to you the best keyword tool no doubt.

I also recommend checking out GrepWords Chrome Extension for Ubersuggest Search Volume and Anchor Text Enhancer
Link Miner

Link Miner is one Tool that, I am sure, many of you may not have heard of. This is actually a FREE and neat little chrome extension that helps with broken link building.

Link Miner is highly sophisticated broken link checker for SEOs. It allows you to get quicker insights on the links you are checking. This little chrome extension will surely take your page link analysis to the next level.
Post Planner

Post Planner is not much talked about, but a fantastic tool and thus it really seems like a great secret.

It’s just fantastic for getting more attention on social media and Facebook Page management and helps in getting highly engaging content ideas.

Their algorithm has kind of a magic effect and content shared from their viral photos does really well on Facebook Pages.
Keyword Suggestion Tool

Keyword Suggestion Tool creates a list of the most popular keyword phrases that all start with your base term - using Google, Amazon,  YouTube, and Bing "Suggest" databases as soon as you enter your base term.

This Tool can be very helpful for content opportunities and more as searchable and popular keyword phrases created by Keyword Suggestion Tool can be used in the title and article body.

Searchmetrics provides excellent market analysis and a competitive insight which is no doubt hard to duplicate. Searchmetrics not only helps you reach the right prospects with the right message at the right time, but is also helpful in boosting efficiencty and increasing profit margins.

Searchmetrics is an enterprise SEO and content marketing platform which helps to boost online visibility and make smarter marketing decisions. Searchmetrics actualy helps prospects and customers spend less time searching and more time buying.


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